Film SO6EELL Izumi Projekt

For the very first time the antique noble art of forging Japanese Katana Swords meets up with the ancient Italian tradition of firearms manufacturing, giving life to a one-of-a-kind set to be unveiled by Beretta at the Safari Club International 2015 convention.

“This kanji, “Wa”, created 1300 years ago, expresses the essence of
the Zen aesthetic – the perfection and harmony in all things. It goes
far beyond aesthetics.

This harmony refers not only to form, but
also to an internal feeling, to an approach to art, to work and to life.
The Izumi Project celebrates the “Wa” inspiring principle,
linking together the antique, noble art of the forging of Japanese
with our 500 years of heritage in firearms manufacturing.
This one-of-a-kind set, hand made over five years by artisans on two
continents, is an homage to beauty, to craftsmanship, to passion, and to
the pursuit of perfection, which drives our Premium Guns philosophy.”

Kommt mit auf eine Zeitreise

Wie sagt Franco Gussalli Beretta so schön:

“Als mein ältester Vorfahre seine ersten Läufe gewunden hat, hat Kolumbus Amerika entdeckt“